About paternity

  • Paternity, particularly in legal contexts, is the quality or state of being someone’s father

Paternity testing

  • Paternity testing is done to determine if a man is the biological father of a child
  • If the individual is the biological father, they will share enough DNA markers to confirm a biological relationship; if they are not the biological father, this will not be the case

What is the test used for?

Paternity testing can be done for peace of mind, or to gain definitive proof of the parentage for custody hearings and disputes, child support decisions and inheritance rights.

About our paternity tests

  • Our test kit contains mouth swabs that enable the simple and painless retrieval of cell material at home for testing at our accredited pathology laboratory
  • It is an easy, safe and discreet way to confirm whether an alleged parent is the biological parent of a child
  • If the test result is required by the court or for legal purposes, we can arrange for the sample collection to be done by one of our HPCSA registered nurses

Find out more about our tests here.

Test results

Samples are analysed at our accredited pathology laboratory to provide accurate results you can trust.

Simply follow the instructions on your sample kit and notify us when the sample is ready for collection.

Your results will be emailed to you as soon as possible.